Keys to Bs success

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    Re: Keys to Bs success

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    Top 6 have to score more.  Blaming the 3rd, 4th or Ference is grasping at straws. 


    Did you watch the game?


    Go to and watch the replay of the Hodgkin goal.  Then come back here and tell me how Ference isn't to blame.

    I put that goal more on Khudo than Ference.  Ference was where he should have been but Khudo left too much space between himself and the post 

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    Re: Keys to Bs success

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    Without looking at wins and losses, including last nights 3rd period collapse ( seemed like the Bs wanted to give away that 2 points ) the 3 main keys to there success this year are.

    Andrew Ference has to go, hes being torn down and walked all over, in fact i like aron johnson in that spot, more physical and has a better game.

    Rask, needs to play more, its as simple as that, layoffs affect him when he does play after a long layoff.

    Seguin, has to get his game going, hes shooting from anywhere and everywhere, not picking his spots well, altho his physical game picked up last night, he needs to play it every shift.

    Last but not least, thornton either needs more time to recover from the scott punch or be gone, he looks lost out there, that 4th line needs a boost.


    Agree with some stuff...Khudobin has been fine, in fact, I'd say terrific, one loss to the Sabres where the B's came out flat int he 3rd doesnt change that...Rask seemed to come into the season fine after not playing for over a month.


    Bruins need to be physical and diciplined...Last 2 games against the Sabres, the B's were not the physical team, and no, I'm not even considering the Scott-Thornton bout..People are putting the blame on Bourque, which is stupid...Ference could be better but I think McQuaid the last few games has been terrible..Really like what I've seen from Lucic,Marchand and Krejci so far..Lucic has been an absolute beast and Marchand continues to fly around and create scoring chances everytime he is on the ice.

    Don't think Seguin needs to be more physical for his game to come around because i dont beleive it's a big part of his game. Shawn Thornton since he has come back has been god awful.

    This is funny cause after his fight against Scott I've said that just like the Bouchard-Johnatan fight , (Bouchard ended his carreer no longer after that) ..samething for Thornton it is the end of his carrer PERIOD , he will never be the same , he wont fight anymore and this is a turning point this season ..BRUINS are outplayed physically by the Sabres, sad to say but we have to get someone to replace Thornton ... 

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    Re: Keys to Bs success

    ...getting a little sick of people saying the Seguin is still adjusting to the smaller ice surface after playing what amounts to less than half an NHL season at the center position and on a larger ice surface.

    He has played two previous seasons on the wing and on the smaller is not like he was brain washed and has forgotten everything since 2009-10.

    Time for excuses is over, time for Tyler to pull up his pantyhose and start putting the biscuit in the basket.

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    Re: Keys to Bs success

    Imo, the Bruins seem to be more successful when the play nasty, I don't mean dirty but hit everything and even start a few fights, that's when opponents start looking over their shoulder to see where the next hit is coming from etc. Also Seguin has been a disappointment I expected more from him this year