Know what's awesome?

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    Boston Bruins hockey. The team isn't where we want it to be and it's a far cry from being great right now, but it's so much better in December than it is in the middle of July. I can't wait for the game against the Caps.  Win or lose, it's still Boston Bruins hockey.
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    Amen, brother.
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    Thats poetic nas. i like it. did someone steal your computer? it doesnt sound like you. I feel the same way, meng.

    Oh! Beer... I forgot beer. with the bruins game.
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    I have something else.

    We're in at the ground floor.  The organization overall is in decent shape.  Yes, the flaws are obvious and glaring, but that's good.  Those type of flaws are easier to correct than the ones where no one really knows what's wrong - like the current Capitals problems.

    They made a mistake with Lewis and fixed it.  They made a mistake with Wideman and fixed it.  We got a diamond in the rough with PC, he's improving every year.  If he can get rid of the dynamic duo of CJ and Ryder, we'll be much better off, like Wideman addition by subtraction.  If they don't lose them during this year, I just can't see them resigning them.

    And we have another Toronto pick coming, where we sit today that is the 3rd overall pick.  We have Spooner coming - I see him replacing Ryder easy and he was impressive preseason.

    Outstanding young goaltender.  Good young players.

    This team has a shot at the cup this year.  Their odds are going to improve for years to come.  No one else in the league has as much potential for improvement as the Bruins, no one else is as good as they are right now and have the prospects we have and another high 1st round pick coming - if the Leafs pull off a miracle they would be 11th worst, they would have to close a gap of 7 pts to do that, that's enormous in this league.  For a comparison, the equivalent for the Bruins would be to finish 1st overall in the league, making up 11 pts (they have 3 games in hand over the Flyers.

    Some good times to look forward to.
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    Yeah, July and August are the absolute worst those two months. Beginning of July is okay with free agency but then it gets really, really bad and really, really fast. I've blacked it out, but I remember some terrible conversations had on this board during those terrible months. September is close to being as bad, but at least there's rookie and training camp.
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    July is my up north fishing trip every year, august is cottage month so i dont miss it that much, but everything from the draft to free agents on july 1st I scramble for a signal on my mobile.
    I think NAS had a rum and eggnog :)
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    Happy Holidays NAS!  Even when fans are a bit negative at least the Bs are the focus.  The cap relief next year will undoubtedly be important for the teams ascention into a Stanley Cup contender.  A healthy Savard and a more seasoned Seguin will be an important combo going into the month of February.  A five game winning streak would be nice right about now.   To be alive is to believe everthing is possible. 
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    Very few trolls on the board in July with only the most hard core posting...
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    Chiarelli has been praised as being the best GM in the league.  And, I would agree.  For him to get Florida to take Wideman for both Soupy and Teal'c and L.A. to take Sturm, period, is just pure wizardry.

    As for this year being the year we win the Cup for the first time in 40 years, I'm not a believer in that sale just yet.  We have the goaltending, but there are too many other glaring issues that need to be addressed before we get to that level.  And, I don't think we have the coach to do it either.  A coach who can take good players and get them to play great.  Cup coaches do that, I haven't seen that from CJ.

    I also think there are chemistry issues on this team.  To many Ryder type players.  Too many "nice guys".  Every team needs a few alpha male types to stir the pot when it get's cold.  I don't think this team has those type of guys on this team.  And also, what happened with Seguin the other day?  There was word something went down between him and Julian and that was the reason he was benched.  Not the flu.

    There are issues with this team. Opening game, losing to teams in the bottom 3rd of the league on consecutive nights, habitually playing from behind, elite snipers going cold for long stretches, horrible Power Play..  This is the exact same team as last year.  And I don't think all 20 of them are as terrible as they have shown in the last 30 games.

    I think it's a mindset, a philosophy.  And, it starts behind the bench.
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    Re: Know what's awesome?

    I'm a little more content than last year because Chiarelli hadn't pulled an aggressive "Horton/Wideman" type trade yet with Boston. So I don't think will sit like he did the past few seasons to evaluate.

    Having said that yes it is still great to be a Bruins fan and I do like how Boston matches up against the Caps tonight drop the puck already.
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