Krejci 3-year extension

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    Re: Krejci 3-year extension

    Apologies DrCC...I did miss that. All I was thinking to myself is that there is no reason to overextend the offers to the role players on the team when the core players are FA the following season.
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    Re: Krejci 3-year extension

    In Response to Re: Krejci 3-year extension:
    In Response to Re: Krejci 3-year extension : I did not misunderstand your eloquent points, DrCC. I just provided a different scenario, that's all. (smile) Take another hard look at my numbers, DrCC. My numbers *include* Savard's $4million cap hit. (another smile) Again, I am only offering the readership a second scenario, that's all. I fully agree. Frankly, Savard might be our hidden chip. Imagine a healthy Savard coming back to reignite our average PP? However, I have faith that Horton will be a Bruin as long as he continues to put up reasonable numbers and his Plus/Minus improves, significantly.
    Posted by CraftyandSly1

    The confusion point was directed at another poster.

    Now I think I am unclear on what numbers you are using.  That ~$11.5M available cap space number is based on a cap total which includes Savard's cap hit - which means it really should be $15M.

    Or (using capgeek's 2012/13 cap calculator) if we only consider players currently skating (so no Caron or Savard) and look at next year, with no bonus cushion, the Bruins will have $17M available with 7 F, 4 D, and 1 G signed.
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    Re: Krejci 3-year extension

    In Response to Re: Krejci 3-year extension:
    In Response to Re: Krejci 3-year extension : As you can see the Bruins currently have more than $11.4 million to negotiate with for next year's signings (and beyond). The Bruins aren't going to keep Corvo ($2.25 million), Paille ($1.075 million), or Pouliot ($1.1 million), thus, Chia will have an additional $4.4 million to sign Kelly (predicting $3 million cap hit) and extend Rask by close to half a million more (1.5 million cap hit). This would leave Chia some good leeway to extend Seguin, Kampfer (questionable) and Boychuk beyond 2013. Which leaves the contract extension of Boychuk. Posted by CraftyandSly1

    I disagree that Corvo wil be shown the door as he and the PP have gotten better as the season progresses, I think if any defenseman it would be Boychuk that gets shown the door with Hamilton's EL contract sliding in.

    No way does Campbell get $3M, $1.5M or $1.75M at the most, if I'm reading that correctly and no one in Providence can play the PK like Paille so he stays at a slight raise and that is stll very cheap. Rask goes to at least $2-2.5M in order to keep him he could get more on the open market.

    $3M sounds about right for Kelly, so Sauve, Caron, Knight or Spooner get to fight for Pouliot's 3rd line spot.
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    Re: Krejci 3-year extension

    Doc, because you used Seguin's full cap number, his impact on the cap/salary number can only go down.  Cap number assumes he hits all his bonuses.

    Dropping guys like Thornton and Paille and even Campbell to some extent are almost salary neutral.  You have to replace them with warm bodies who are likely going to make within $200K of the guys you're dropping.  Unless you think it's an audition for a guy like Marchand who will get paid like a fourth liner and perform on the second line, why not keep high-performing vets in those roles like Campbell and Paille?

    Corvo might be a debate, but there's a reason he was acquired - they don't have confidence in the D prospects yet.  If that hasn't changed, you're looking to replace Corvo with another vet - so another salary neutral move at best.

    And let's not forget that there's a CBA negotiation before we know whether the Cap goes up or not.  Or even how bonus cushions etc. will work.  Could easily see them clawing the cap back due to complaints over escrow, and that would be tough on the Bruins.