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In Response to Re: Krejci or Bergeron, Who's #1? : I rarely disagree with your cogent analysis on any number of issues, DaPrince77, and I don't disagree with your analysis on both players, either. It appears that Boston actually enjoys six strong centers (Krecji, Bergeron, Kelly, Peverley, Seguin, and Campbell). Five of them are excellent in the face-off circles, all can score goals, and all can play as set-up men for their line mates (regardless if they are tasked as centers or as wingers). However, each of them have their strengths and each of them have their weaknesses. Currently, Seguin is the weakest 'center' on the defensive side, although some will argue that Campbell is actually weaker than Seguin. I disagree. Campbell is one of our PK specialists, and he can easily provide Julien as a viable fill-in on the second and third line should someone get injured during a game.
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I couldn't agree with you more about Greg Campbell. One of the most underrated aspects of the Wideman/Horton deal was Chiarelli acquiring this guy too. He's an extremely gritty, hard-working, tough, sound player who is an invaluable piece to this Bruin's team. He provides great depth at the center position, and for all the naysayers that claim Campbell is not solid defensively, "I don't know what game you are watching." And lastly, I'll never forget how big Campbeell's line was against the Canucks in the finals. Needless to say, Campbell and Co. were instrumental in bringing the Stanley Cup back to Boston.