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Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins

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    Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins

    The last seven Stanley Cup Champions all had:

    Mobile Defense
    Very Good Power Play Units
    Aggressive Forecheck
    Multiple Game Breakers (i.e. a couple or more elite forwards or d-men)
    New NHL coaching and style of play

    How do the 2010-2011 Bruins compare:


    The Bruins have a collection of far too many number 4-6 types that can't skate that well, aren't good puck retrievers, can't make the first pass and have little to offer the Power Play on the back line.  Fine Chara is a #1 defenseman but he too has his flaws in the above areas. Beyond his shot he's almost a liability on the power play.  Kaberle is a number 1 D-man from an offensive stand point (beyond the fact he doesn't shoot and has a crap shot) but defensively he probably rates as a number 3-4 at best.  Seidenberg/Ferrence -number 3 Defenseman that aren't particularly mobile. Neither bring much in offense on or off the PP. Boychuck, Kampfer, Mcquaid, Batowski, Hhindy all fall into the number 4-7 type of d-man rating.  The fact is the Bruins don't have much talent on defense. They are mostly a defensive minded, non-skating, non-puck retrieving, non play making group that have crap shots or couldn't hit the side of a barn (Boychuck/Seidenberg/Ferrence come to mind).


    In the file under the blatantly obvious category there is the fact the B's stink on the PP.  Yes coaching has something to do with this but it's the players that are primarily the problem.  Good PP Units have a combination of offensive minded D men that can skate, open up ice and make plays in and out of the offensive zone.  They also often consist of forwards that either use speed, size, creativity and desire to win puck battles.  

    I've already mused about the lack of quality of talent on D so I won't run through this again.  The forwards, well they have two centers, particularly Krecji, that don't shoot or score much.  They have big forwards (Horton/Lucic) but those guys rarely plant themselves in front of the net in the "dirty" areas. They have forwards with speed but aren't consider snipers by any stretch (Marchand)  They also have 42 year olds (Recchi) and other slow pokes (Ryder) out there.  Long story short, few quality Offensive D-Men & lack of snipers.


    No need to get into this one too deep.  With the exception of Seguin (who doesn't play), Paille (who I wish didn't play) and Marchand what forwards do we have that stretch the ice?  Outside of Kampfer is there anyone on the back line with speed, nope.  Kaberle is a good skater and great passer but he lacks speed as well.


    Again why get too deep here.  The Bruins idea of a forecheck is to let the the other team easily retrieve pucks and skate the puck up the ice.  Then they employ the "layered defense" approach once our blue line is breached.  In other words the forwards all collapse into the slot while the D try to keep the front of then net clear.  Great that limits chances when executed properly but it also ensures very little north-south type of play once we do get control off the puck. It lends itself to the playing not to get scored on versus trying to score approach.


    There are no Zetterbergs, Datsyuk's, Crosby's, Malkins, Getzlafs, Ryans, Toews, Kanes Lindstroms, Byfulien's, Keith's or Letang's, on this team. In other words the Bruins lack high end game breaking talented players. 

    Before anyone retorts with they are 5th or 6th in the league in scoring, in the playoffs that doesn't mean crap.  Playoff games are close affairs that are often decided by the power play and or key goals at key times at even strength. 

    Over the course of a playoff run elite players will often make the difference and turn loses into wins.  The Bruins do not have a single game breaking type of player on offense or defense.  

    They got guys who can put the puck in the net but do little else (Horton, Lucic) and guys that can make plays but do little else (Krejci) but there are no true snipers are elite players on the Bruins at forward or on defense.  This doesn't mean they don't have talented players they do.  But they don't have enough elite players. Instead the roster is littered with way too many ho hum guys like Peverly, Kelly, Thorton, Paille, Campbell, Recchi, Ryder, and everyone on defense not named Chara or Kaberle.


    Claude is a coach that is stuck in 1998 and the team in how it is constructed and how it plays reflects Claude himself.  If it were 1998 where every player entering the neutral of offensive zone could be grabbed, thrown down or interfered with without penalty, the 2010-11 Bruins may be poised to hoist the Stanley Cup.  Note to the Bruins, it isn't 1998 anymore.  Thus the playing not to lose style of hockey instead of putting the pressure on and trying to win isn't going to work this year, next year or any other year in the near future.  It's time to wake up and smell that cup of coffee.

    Beyond having more high end talent recent cup winners all play a hard forechecking, north south, high pressure on the puck in all zones style of play. The Bruins might literally be the Anti-Christ of this style of play.  Which is why teams even with less talent the Bruins that play this type of hockey give the Bruins fits (i.e even in our own division Montreal and Buffalo)


    The Bruins have talent and plenty of guys on their team that can contribute to consistent Cup runs.  However they need to somehow find a couple of elite players (yes I know they don't grow on tree and are hard to draft and or trade for, but that doesn't change the need for it or the fact that not having them hurts them), they need to get more mobile on defense, and they need to move on from Claude and any style of play tied to the clutch and grab 90s.

    I've watched enough of the Bruins games these last 3 years and enough other NHL games to know that this type of team, this type of team's play and how they are coached will probably always be good enough to make the playoffs but will never good enough to even make it the Finals let alone win a Cup.

    Maybe I'm spoiled with Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox championships in recent years or maybe I'm just sick and tired of watching the collapses and futility in the playoffs while I sit around a wait for our "next cup" which doesn't seem any closer today than it was five years ago.

    I'm still gonna watch and root for the Bruins not matter what their record. Always have and always will.  I'm just not going to paint the Bruins in a light they are not (true cup contenders) and not point out that this franchise needs some changes from management, to coaching and to the players on the ice if they are ever gonna win a Cup again.

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    Re: Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins

    Are you serious Lucic does nothing but put the puck in the net> I seem to see him hitting and fighting alot lately as well.
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    Re: Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins

    In Response to Re: Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins:
    Are you serious Lucic does nothing but put the puck in the net /> I seem to see him hitting and fighting alot lately as well.
    Posted by I-Like-Hockey

    Um if you read my post I said that they have guys that are can put pucks in the net like Lucic (but who do little else).  I don't consider fighting by Lucic his contributing.  How many fights do you see in playoff games?  Not many if none.  Lucic isn't hitting the way he used to nor does he bring much play making, skating or forechecking to the game.  Thus one dimensional.  He's a good if not great goal scorer but lately (note for most of the year) if he Lucic isn't doing that he's not contributing.  Didn't we run Phil Kessel out of town for being one dimensional.  I'm not comparing Lucic to Kessel because I'd take Lucic every time but right now and for most of the year Luc is a one dimensional scorer and again I dismiss fighting because he didn't do much of that this year until recently and again that factor (fighting) is null and void in the playoffs.
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    Re: Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins

    In Response to Re: Last Seven Stanley Cup Champions vs. Bruins:
    and did not have a bad owner
    Posted by TheRealHomer

    Love how because we have the salary cap now that people say ownership does not matter. Simply laughable.

    As most logical people can see by now (I will exclude the pom pom waving sheep who cannot see the forest through the trees) The PC & CJ expirament does not seem to be working, by working I mean translating into playoff success.

    But no changes will be made because JJ is getting EXACTLY what he wants. He gets good regular seasons in which he sells out every game, while raising ticket prices and concessions, he gets a few home playoff dates which to him is all gravy and he gets to keep his ever loyal fans starving and spending for a Cup.

    The Dynamic Duo of Clode and PC is just what JJ wants. Who cares about "a big trophy"