Leafs Ready to Contend?

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    Re: Leafs Ready to Contend?

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    In Response to Re: Leafs Ready to Contend? : Leafs goaltending now just as good? -Reimer, weak glove and "the Monster" don't scare anyone. Better prospects??--Kadri,Aulie,Bozak,Caputi and Gardiner are not even close to Seguin,Spooner,Knight and Caron. Komiserek=terrible, how many more years on that contract? Better off calling up Jeff Finger. Phaneuf= Who would have thought Aulie was the best d-man in that trade? Rosehill= got a beat down from Lucic, can't score or fight. Schenn=stay at home d-man doesn't know where he lives.Brother got all the talent. Kessel=good player,good scorer, gotta do something when your minus twenty+. Grabovski=good player, soft as two ply, but a good player, took diving lessons in Montreal. Lupul= good player, hasn't played  30 games in each of the last 3 years.I'm sure he's great in the hot tub. Kulemin= your best forward. when he's your best forward, your in trouble. Brown=who? Boyce= see Mike Brown. Your G.M overpaid for Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. He literally overpaid for Komiserek,Giguere and he did re stock on draft picks for the weakest draft in years.
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    Shooting ducks in a barrell Kelvana!Leafs tougher than Bruins.......I'm still laughing at the cactus over that one.
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    Re: Leafs Ready to Contend?

    In past seasons, whenever the Leafs would show any amount of progress, the expectations the following year blaze and go through the roof.  I've said before the Leafs have won the Cup in October if one were to follow the absolute mad obsession that occupies their Leaf Nation. 

    On the heels of this year's second-half charge, I can't begin to imagine what the forcast will be throughout the summer and fall prior to the start of 2011/12.  I'm with others who suggest their fortunes rest with the "Reime-Minister." 

    While it was written he was the most impressive goalie in camp last fall, the contracts of Giguerre and Gustavsson dictated them to be the tandem.  Remer's play in the NHL this year was an unknown quantity but for the Leafs a stellar one. 

    It should be very interesting to see how he performs next year having already been anointed the starter once league shooters have more of a familiarity with him.  Full props to him for his play this year as he was the major factor in steering them into contention.
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    Re: Leafs Ready to Contend?

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    Personally, I think Kadri and Kessel look fabulous; but this team is a number one center and a #1 defensemen away from being legit.
    Posted by OlsonicCreations

    What was it that impresses about Kadr? His 3 goals in 30 games or the goal he scored off McQuaids elbow or the one he scored from behind the net? He is good in shootouts, though...