Legit Argument for Scott Thornton

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    Re: Legit Argument for Scott Thornton

    I honestly think if Thornton wasn't a fighter, most fans would judge his playing ability to be slightly above average for a 4th line LW. He skates hard, does a good job of hemming in the other team deep in their zone, gets back defensively, rarely turns the puck over, etc. I never really get nervous when the 4th is out there - they don't give up any more goals than the other lines.

    I do have issues when they are out there along with a Ference-Johnson pairing, but that's another argument.

    You can't just take "next best talent" and throw them out there in order of pure ability. Lines need balance and chemistry. He's just fine where he is, and putting Caron or Daug on that line, for example, would lessen the overall effectiveness of the line even if it puts in 4-5 more goals a season.

    I'm not a huge fan of Thornton, but do think he gets a bad wrap because of the fighting.

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    Re: Legit Argument for Scott Thornton

    Great post asmaha.  Besides getting healthy, the Bruins biggest concern at the moment should be evaluation of the 3rd defensive pairing and 3rd line scoring.  This will be difficult to do while Bergeron, Kelly, and McQuaid are all out.  The questions for me in the final weeks heading into the Playoffs are: 

    1) Will they get secondary scoring out of Kelly, Peverley, and whomever else plays 3rd line?

    2) Who do you trust as the 3rd pairing out of Johnson, Ferrence, Bartkowski, Redden, or McQuaid?

    3) Who will Jagr play with, and how does that impact the former Top 6 and question 1?

    Of course, the top players need to perform as well if they are to win it all----the B's need the goaltending and the likes of Bergeron, Marchand, Seguin, Lucic, Horton, and DK to play well.  2 or 3 of them can be cold as long as question 1 and 3  get addressed.

    These are the essential questions---not who should fill in for Thornton or what the 4th line is doing.  Beyond the important penalty killing duties that Campbell and Paille do, the 4th line is much less of a question (almost irrelevant) IMHO.