Let me get this straight

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    Let me get this straight

    We are on the cusp of another NHL season; one where the Bruins are widely considered in the running for a Cup and coming off their 2nd Finals appearance in 3 years. They have tons of storylines - Iginla, Ericksson, Krejci injured, Soderberg playing from Game 1, Lucic's slow start last year, Bergeron & Campbell recoveries, Impact of Seguin's loss on Marchand, can Kelly rebound, how will the youngsters do on the 3rd line, Thornton's last go, the battle for PT on the blue line, new faces, realignment, and Rask playing under his new contract.

    All of this going on, and the Globe sees fit to offer nothing in terms of reporting. We get outdated 2-paragraph Blog entries from the from non-writers, linked AP stories from the pre-season games, and a bunch of links to other newspaper and site content like...wait for it....the Bleacher Report.

    I hear there were 1-2 actual articles written last week, but they're all on the paid Globe site.

    Did the guy who ran WEEI into the ground start running the Globe Sports pages? How can the coverage be so craptastic when there's so much excitement that could be behind this team? How is it that none of these stories were actually covered...with, say, a reporter meeting the players or ownership and asking questions around a narrative? It's just sad.

    I don't mean to the a debbie downer about the start of the season, but it's shocking how terrible sports writing has gotten around these parts. I can't be the only one...so where can I find actual reporting on this team?

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    The Boston Herald covers the team just slightly more than the Globe. Between the two you almost have about a third of the coverage we should see.

    Not much coverage in the other regionals such as the Providence Journal, Worcester Telegram, etc.

    Monitor this board. Most anything worth reading ends up mentioned here with a link to the story.

    Other than that it's TSN and some of the other hockey-centric publications which are great for overall NHL coverage but not always stuff specific to the B's. Good stuff though.

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    I tend to agree with NAS, but also realize that neither Fluto or KPD [ used to like him} have been on top of anything lately. Unless Thorny talks, Flutp doesn't have anything; and KPD has sort of faded away.

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:


    They haven't played a single game in the regular season yet.  With the Pats 4-0 and the Sox in the playoffs, who really cares about most of this?....

    It's the lull between the last preseason game and the first regular season game.  Nothing is happening.

    You can't honestly look at what the Globe is offering and seriously think they have struck the right balance between content and fluff. It's ALL fluff. I know there's other stuff going on, but there's always other Hub sports stories going on and how much does it cost to run a few articles a week on an Original 6 club?

    What I'm getting at goes beyond the 5-second sound bites you just listed. We all know those points. I know this sounds old and crotchety, but we used to be able to pick up a paper or go to a site and read actual articles about these things. And it goes beyond the Bruins....we get absolutely zero original content from around the league.

    "Bruins preseason" is actually a Hot Topic listed under the BDC banner....click on it and you get a 3-day old feature that isn't a feature...but a summary of a larger article you have to pay for.

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    Eh give it to Saturday to see threads complaining about how Fluto's last food recommendation was awful and how once again KPD should retire. I get your point Asmaha, The Hockey Writers and TSN do a better job but the Bs take a back seat this time of year.

    The Celts are going for a lottery pick so at least the Bruins are a lottery pick LoL

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    I haven't read the Globe's Bruin coverage in a long time.

    I watch the games.  What else matters?

    I enjoys me a good read, that's all. Something to do the other 21.5 hours in a day a game isn't on. It's almost as bad as going to a news site and not finding any news to read....just videos of what I could see on their affiliate 24/hr news site.

    I also had to walk 5 miles to work today with no shoes, and in the snow.

    Actually...everyone go read the Orr article. Good stuff. Unless you got your heart ripped out by too many failed dates and don't like to read interesting things.

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    Yes, editorially it is a dead zone between presaeson and puck drop on game 1. However, the Globe and Herald just aren't doing their job up to the level what we as Bruins/hockey fans would like.


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    Re: Let me get this straight

    I think the Globe's Bruin coverage is pretty weak.  That said, if I'm a writer and my editor came to me right now and said 'write some interesting pieces about the Bruins', I would be a little unsure of what to do.  There really isn't that much to write about.  As annoying as it is to have no new Bruin content in the Globe, it is equally annoying to have writers desperately repeating old stories (Campbell blocks shots!) or offering half baked opinions on how good the Bruins will be.  

    Adam Kaufman (who?) seems to be the Globe's lastest 'personality' who shapes incredibly obvious observations into his own written opinion ('Amendola gets injured too much'), or repeats tired cliches into new articles.  

    That's the format now -- opinions, over reporting.  If you want more Bruins content now, before they play games, be careful what you wish for.  It'll be crap.

    I would agree with others, that coming here is actually better than just about anywhere else.  Sure we have our share of nonsense here, but you get plenty of breaking stories, analysis, and humorous side stories from the folks here.  Seriously.  The board here is better than the Globe or Herald's Bruin coverage.

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    Re: Let me get this straight

    I've always been a picture book kind of guy. Prefer watching TV previews over reading about them. Right now plenty of season previews on TSN and Sportsnet. Dont know what the coverage is like in the US. Dont get NESN up here in Canada other than when Centre Ice has the NESN feed. Wish I could get it full time.