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Lines with Savard!!!!

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    Re: Lines with Savard!!!!

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    8 goals tonight i think the lines did good when they skated tt in net and 4 solid lines these team will be unstoppable
    Posted by mrmikebruins8

    where you chatting during games mrmike ?
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    Re: Lines with Savard!!!!

    Savard did alot tonight. He didn't have to score a point and was a big factor in the game. When he gets in the lineup with the current lineup we have

    1. Opposing Goalies and Defense get extra tired battling the Savard line. This helps other lines perform better

    2. Seguin was alot more dangerous out there tonight. Definitely there will be a Kessel factor with a guy like Savard feeding you breakaways

    3. Powerplay was so much more dangerous with savard in the lineup

    Really happy Savards back. I'm going to forget about the throwing a player under the bus incident and move forward. Other teams must be scratching their heads why they didn't trade for TT or Savard when they had the chance. Contract for these guys are making PC look like a genius.

    We have super nice chance to raise it this year. (If we can play like we have the past two games)