In response to superj2k10's comment:

If you knew your players you would know that Jagr is a RW and won't / will not play LW. Soderberg, when asked what other position he has played also said LW and does not feel comfortable playing on the RW. Horton and his garbage time goals should not be anywhere near the top line. How and why would you take a good 2-way veteran centerman in Kelly and stick him on the fourth line? And have Peverly and his "high-glass" accuracy getting 16min a game? Your also taking Campbell out of his natural position, one that he plays very well, good defensive player.


Know your teams strengths before fabricating such dysfunctional lineup.

I've been thinking about this Kelly vs. Peverley for third line center.  I've always thought Kelly brought more to the table the whole time we've had both of them.  But Peverley gets more points, even when he's playing like crap.  I think it depends on the line.  If the wings are tougher and/or have more defensive ability in their own right, I wouldn't mind Peverley playing there.  I think Peverley is still the best option (maybe Soderberg will have more upside) to be on that line.  What I'm thinking is his game doesn't translate to LW, and then Paille is actually better than him for that role since he's playing his natural position.