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    I think when Marchand comes back,Kelly should go to forth line,keep Seguin,Peverly and i guess Ryder,Thornton or Palle sits,or call up Caron,hey where is Satan is he still playing somewhere,god anything would help,they wouldn't have got buy Buffalo last year if it wasn't for him.I no im grasping at straws.

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    Re: Lines

    Marchand needs to earn his spot back on the top lines. I'de put him back on the 4th line.
    I'm very disappointed with Kelly also, the game goes on and on and hard to see him do anything.  I did point out a couple times Kelly on the PK has been great in the faceoff circle but that's it.
    Peverly, I expected much more . When they got him I said he's 10x the player Wheeler is.  While he didn score an important goal the other night , he like Kelly are not adapting well.
    I would put Seguin with Bergeron and Recchi , he seems to be deserving a shot.
    That line needs a shot in the arm !
    KHL line not to be touched. They did have the most chances last night .
    Paille to me since I'm saying to put Marchand back on te 4th must sit.