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Lockout damage

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    Lockout damage

    More hand-wringing about the damage to the brand:

    I found this particularly interesting: "On the financial front, the owners sacrificed in the neighborhood of $1 billion in revenue to prosecute their grabbing an extra seven percent of the take from the players, and that cost the players nearly $830 million in pay."

    Just to make that clear, in the first three months of the season, close to 83% of revenues would have gone to player salaries.  In my head, what that means is that playoff revenues bring the percentages down because players are not paid during the playoffs.  That's a very scary proposition if you're a business owner.  Make the playoffs, and you pay 57% of your total revenue to the employees.  Don't make the playoffs and you pay 83%.  Oh, and did we mention that it's the efforts of the employees that will determine if you make the playoffs or not?  No wonder they sign off on all sorts of idiocies in order to try to win.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but how else does that math work?

    The other part that made me laugh was the speculation about markets like Columbus where fans were angry before the lockout.  Really?  Well maybe a lockout is just what they needed to cool off!  Forget Rick Nash, forget the losing, forget that the most exciting signing the franchise has made in years is a goalie whose best year was 1979-1980.

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