I have the ideas, you start the threads.


idea 1

the final CBA terms and conditions game.

I don't understand the thing, so I'm looking for someone who does understand it to spell it all out.  I'm no lawyer so I'm just going to list the stuff I've been reading about.

make holes - with the number of holes owners and players will agree to.

length of contract - I really don't understand this one, but it seems to be important, why do they care how long the contract is? 1 page or 20 pages I don't think it matters that much unless they are going green and saving paper is important.

length of CBA - see length of contract

Hockey related revenue - this one is easy and everyone will get it because it has to be hockey related revenue, I don't see how they could get baseball or nascar related revenue.


idea 2

fantasy lockout

We can have a draft and some of us can be owners and some can be players.  You get to pick owner or player.  And then we all negotiate a CBA.  I think I'll be an owner.  Players will earn wages and not salaries, minimum wage based on TOI, no contract length, hire or fire at any time.  No wait, since I'm one of those liberals I guess I have to be a player.  I want the salary floor at 2.2 million and lifetime contracts and 100% of hockey related revenue.

I don't know how to work at the fantasy game tho.  Because as you can see both sides will just take absurd positions and no one will concede anything and we'll be playing this for months if not years with neither side budging.

Yes, it is a dumb game with amateurs like us playing it.  I'm sure the professionals would get a deal done fast and not miss any regular season games.