Lucic deal

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    Re: Lucic deal

    I'm OK with this deal. Lucic is certainly not a bargain anymore, but it's a solid signing. I'm expecting him to hit career highs over the next few seasons so if he becomes a 35+ goal scorer while being the league's best hitter among forwards, he is surely worth 6. As part of the greater picture of signings this summer, the team's young talent is all locked up, for a more than reasonable price.

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    Re: Lucic deal

    I like the signing. I feel like a lot of home town fans under appreciate our players. I'm certain many teams would love to have ANY of our top-six on their roster.

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    Re: Lucic deal

    Im a huge lucic fan and my B's Jersey has his name and number. Is Luc worth the money, that is the 6 million dollar question. I do and I dont like giving him 6 mill a year. I like that he is still a Bruin. I think he is more around 5-5.5 mill a year type player. But like it was said. Any other team needing someone would probably offer more than 6. My concern with this contract is the likes of Bergy, who is the best all around player on the team in my honest opinion. So what should he get when he is up for contract. The thing with the B's is they have such great players and a good number of them who deserve nice salaries. I dont look at the B's as having any elite players although Seguin could make that title in years to come. I think we have the most best players on a roster. Take Crosby and Malkin. They are Elite, then the pens have some great players and many good players. The B's are made up of more great players with good players, but no Elite players. Of the core group of players I could see the Bruins losing are Krecji and Horton. I love these guys, but Im not sure the money will be there when the time comes. I dont know where we lie with current salaries after all these signings, but these signings have gotten nice increases in pay.