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    This line NEEDS to be averaging (collectively) a point per game ... and they're not.  A consistent top scoring line is what separates the good teams from the elite.  Its taking air out of the sails of the entire team.  If our top line is consistently effective, the effects will ripple through the rest of the team.

    If these three don't start scoring on the reg., as soon as Savard is ready, I think he needs to replace Krejci.

    And Horton NEEDS to be posting a minimum of 4 SOG's per night!  Take a page from Ovechkin's book, put everything on net.  Lucic is a monster out there and Krejci has the vision ... the rebounds will come, the pucks will go in.
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    Re: Lucic-Krejci-Horton

    I agree this line must produce that is their job. All posters on these threads repeately saying why doesn't CJ change the lines and I agree do something CJ.Put Seguin back in try something.
    (1) Rechhi can play any role needed checking/4th line
    (2)Seguin must get higher up in the lines his speed is a must and PP
    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Seguin Savy Bergeron
    Marchand Wheels Ryder
    Rechhi Camp. Thornton

    Chara Kampner
    Boychuk Ferrence
    McQuiad Sieds