Okay, havent seen much of him at all, didnt know much about him but I have an infactuation when it comes to goalies, especially Bruins goalies, so I'm excited about the pick.

Was up all night doing some homework on him, reading, watching clips etc..Some interesting stuff.

Before we get to the report, I will try to do this with as few cliche's as possible.
And we will not be talking about how he "tracks" a puck in traffic. Every goalie tracks a puck in traffic, some just stop it better than others.

- From what I've seen he looks a little raw, but, show me an 18 year old at any position and none of them are a finished product.

- Plays the upright butterfly, upper body is straight up, and what really impresses me, is when he goes down into the butterfly, he doesnt seem prone to the shots by his shoulders, especially the blocker side.

- Very little head movement, and if anyone here has ever been to a goalie school/camp this is huge and very hard to maintain. Basically, the body tends to follow the head, if your head is sound and focused on the puck, you wont look like a flopping seal out there. For an 18 year old kid, he's way ahead in this department.

-Plays an intelligent agressive game. He challenges shooters without compromising position, in the few times that I saw he may have been out of position, he corrects himself almost instantly.

- I agree with PC that he is very quick side to side. Lots of clean slides, but what struck me was his quickenss  to go from side to side and then out to the top of his crease.

- Rebound Control is good, this is where he may be a little raw, but I tend to think he is at a stage of his career where he is foucused more on stopping the puck first, which is fine for an 18 year old. That stuff all comes once you get the positioning down, and actually proving that you can stop the puck. Not too worried about this, this is for his Pro Goalie coach to worry about.

- I dont have enough info on how he plays the puck, handles dump ins etc...So I wont comment on it..

I read on a couple of reports how they were comparing him to Marc-Andre Fleury. I don't see it, in fact, I actually question if they say he plays like him because the back of his shirt is tucked into his pants like Fleury. Seriously. As stupid as that sounds i think a reporter saw this and right away thinks of Fleury.
Me, I see alot of Luongo in his game, I know what your going to say, but watching him thats who I see as far as technique, positioning etc..I see Luongos style with Bill Ranford like quickness and reflexes.

I cant wait to see how he develops.