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Malcolm Subban

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    Re: Malcolm Subban

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    Just look around this board and you can see from kelvana, nite, SoxFan...goalies are weird.  
    Posted by Bookboy007

    LOL, they also tend to be "well equipped".  All three of my high school goalies, and one of my college goalies had absolute missiles. Connection? I think so.

    Anyways, I think your best point fletch was that the bruins have been successful by emphasizing forwards and acquiring defense and goaltending via trade/free agency. I'm not really arguing anything about the bruins draft philosohpy (TBH I really don't know much about it), I'm just suggesting that goalies aren't as risky as you make them out to be. If the bruins do happen to draft a goalie, I wouldn't be dissapointed--they could easily just trade him (which goes into what bookboy is sayin, just take the best player available)

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    Re: Malcolm Subban

    If all else fails, a first round goalie prospect has a fair amount of value as a prospect in future trades. I am open to the idea. I really like the idea of a top goalie prospect that we could see get some time in providence eventually
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    Re: Malcolm Subban

    Is it worth bringing up that the earliest the Chiarelli admin has drafted a goalie is Hutchinson - and he is a long way from working out.