marchand not signed yet

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    Re: marchand not signed yet

    Someone make a trip to Watertown and ask him ?
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    Re: marchand not signed yet

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    In Response to Re: marchand not signed yet : All of this is true, but way to short sighted.. Marchand was good in the playoffs, but comments saying he had a better post season then any of the aforementined guys is off base.. The team made it further, he had more games to play in.. Lucic till this year has produced at about a .75ppg in the play offs.. Marchand put together one solid year, does not have the potential, or affect on a game that any of the other players mentioned do, nor does he have the potential of any of them.. Keep in mind all of them played more then one season with the big club on their entry level deal.. People want to compare marchands rookie season to lucics and bergeron, and again, 18year old players to a 22/23 year old player with 2 plus full seasons of professional hockey under his belt.. I like marchand as a player, and we've missed his role, but i think we've seen the best of him, hes not a player who has a lot of room for growth i don't believe..   Anisimov put up very similar stats with the rangers, has a much higher ceiling got 2 years 3.75 total.. 2 years 5 mill is very fair..
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    I don't think Lucic has anywhere near the same skill set as Marchand .What numbers may he have put up if he had of played with Bergeron and Recchi all year long ?.Lucic had the advantage of playing with Krejci and on a line not as defensively responsible as the Bergeron line .  Marchand has the potential to be a consistent 30 goal scorer and be a great playoff performer .I am not dismissing Milan's contributions but it is debatable whether  he is a legitimite 1st line winger . 
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    Re: marchand not signed yet

    There have been several "what's wrong with Lucic" threads, many speculations about injuries.  Truth is, he was a slug in the playoffs-- slow skating, few shots, poor timing and passes, fumbles and give-aways. 

    Post-playoffs, there has been no news about Lucic injuries, other than the bruised foot.  No ankle sprain, bum shoulder, torn ribs or groin.  So what was his problem?

    Meanwhile, Marchand was buzzing, checking, penalty killing, creating scoring ops, and scoring a bunch himself.....and generally bedeviling MTL, PHIL, TB, and especially VAN.  He scored two in the big game seven, and (I think) assisted on two others.  He and Bergy won that game.

    So, you look at that and wonder:  why would Lucic get $4M and Marchand only $2M?   

    Potential?  What is to indicate that Lucic has more potential than Marchand?  March could easily put up St Louis numbers combined with Linseman grit.  He's quick, shifty, and hits the twine.  And we all know about his edge.

    Usually potential is a future projection of present trends.  Lucic had a good year but went flat in the playoffs.  Marchand was up and up.