Marco Sturm?

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    Re: Marco Sturm?

    In response to LordByron77's comment:

    Be carefull what tires get kicked, They may very well kick back. In Marco's case, maybe not

    Loved Sturmy, but really. There has to something better out there.


    Okay, fair enough if there is something better out there. But PC wouldn't have to break the bank on this one (they may have to pay Cologne a few Euros in compensation).

    My guess is he makes about $150,000 for the rest of this DEL season in Cologne. His wife and kids are still in the US, so he wouldn't say no to a decent offer.
    There is something about his exit clause expiring on March 31 on a German website, but I wouldn't read too much into it; they only care about soccer in Germany and the hockey stuff is filler written by incompetent interns. Besides, even if the Sharks make the finals, game 5 (it's best-of-five in the DEL playoffs) is scheduled for April 23.


    Like I said, I'm only throwing it out there. Unlike Yetiberg, we know that Sturm can play in the NHL, and if his knees are okay, he would be a huge upgrade over Leslie Caron and Panini-Adolfo.

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