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Marketing Campaigns

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    Marketing Campaigns

    For the last couple weve had those awesome commercials with the bear.

    Before that, the two cool guys rapping outside (Captain Za-daynyo!  Phil Kessel what?).

    Did I miss everything, or has there been no marketing campaign at all this year?

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    Re: Marketing Campaigns

    I miss the bear. Wonder what happened? That banner about Flyers fans was a-mazing!

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    Re: Marketing Campaigns

    This thread is just going to incite Rusty because JJ's cutting his marketing budget but still raising the price of concessions.  It's all about the money. When are they ever going to put a competetive team on the ice?

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    Re: Marketing Campaigns




    Does that count?  

    Street hockey is great for kids. It’s energetic, competitive, and skillful. And best of all it keeps them off the street.

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    Re: Marketing Campaigns

    Haven't seen much.

    Of course, no campaign at all is actually better than the rapping punks.  "Phil Kessel. What? Shootouts." Made me sick.  Thanks for reminding me.

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    Re: Marketing Campaigns

    Never date within the division and the slob wiping his hands on his Bruins jersey were cool.

    League wide, I really liked the History Will Be Made campaign. That was well done, iloved those commercials.

    I do like the one commercial where it shows Crosby scoring from ice level. It's neat.