Matt Cooke suspended

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    Matt Cooke suspended

    P#$ck gets 4 games, I thought it might have been stiffer......thoughts
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    Re: Matt Cooke suspended

    Was going to start a post about this, but I can see you beat me to it.

    Dissapointed with the NHL's ruling, but not surprised.  It's the Pittsburgh Penguins we're talking about here.  They always get a free pass when it comes to stuff like this.  Just another example of why Bettman is an incompetent bufoon. 

    Matt Cooke should be banned from the NHL and the game of hockey altogether.  Saying he's a "repeat offender" doesn't do this guy's rap sheet any justice.  He's a risk to the other players in the league each and every time he steps onto the ice.  I'd rather someone end his career out on the ice, but I don't think you can take the risk of having him continue to play in the NHL.