Sorry to make a Yankees comparison comrades, but I'm a diehard Bruin fan from Syracuse, NY.  With the way this series has gone, I'm reminded of the 1960 world series (I was only 2 at the time, but my father lamented about it).  Check out the scores of the Yankees victories over the Pirates & vica-versa.  If the Bruins don't come back & win this thing, I'll forever think the better team lost the series.  The B's have shown they can pound these diving pukes, as long as Julien "releases the hounds" & throws his conservativism (PLAY SEGUIN!) out the window.  In those Cup Finals in the late '70's and '89-'90 the Bruins were i.m.o. inferior teams to the Canadien & Oiler juggernauts, but this year, they're so close I can taste it!  C'mon B's, seize the moment & grab the prize, opportunities (making it through 4 rounds) don't come around too often.

NL Pittsburgh Pirates (4) vs. AL New York Yankees (3)

1October 5New York Yankees – 4, Pittsburgh Pirates – 6Forbes Field2:2936,676[1]
2October 6New York Yankees – 16, Pittsburgh Pirates – 3Forbes Field3:1437,308[2] 
3October 8Pittsburgh Pirates – 0, New York Yankees – 10Yankee Stadium (I)2:4170,001[3] 
4October 9Pittsburgh Pirates – 3, New York Yankees – 2Yankee Stadium (I)2:2967,812[4] 
5October 10Pittsburgh Pirates – 5, New York Yankees – 2Yankee Stadium (I)2:3262,753[5] 
6October 12New York Yankees – 12, Pittsburgh Pirates – 0Forbes Field2:3838,580[6] 
7October 13New York Yankees – 9, Pittsburgh Pirates – 10Forbes Field2:3636,683[7]