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Mike Milbury

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    Re: Mike Milbury

    Mike was and always will be a Bruin. He hates primadonna's. He loathes laziness,  acting like a pansy, false toughness and has no prblem calling a spade a spade and doesn't sugar coat it. That's as blue collar and tough as it gets! Yea he may go over board at times, but that's why he has the job he has. Love Milbury and he makes the NBC coverage a lot more tolerable.

    "Why is a puck called a puck? Because Dirty little bastar d was taken!"- Marty Brodeur

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    Re: Mike Milbury

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    Interesting.  Tell more.



    Before the internet turned every guy with a keyboard into a writer, it was pretty easy to secure interviews with just about any sports figure.  A simple call to the relations department of any team or station could get 10 minutes with almost anyone.


    I was trying to get an article published in THN and Jason Kay kept rejecting everything I sent.  I interviewed Milbury in hopes of writing a beast.  Sadly, most of what Milbury told me was off the record.  Never got published.  Boo to that.

    Thanks.  Made similar efforts to get published, but never landed any talent for an interview.