There have been rumors swirling around this week about Grigorenko not really being 18 years old, but actually being 20. 

That being said, if this causes him to fall in the draft and he's available at #24, should the Bruins take a chance on him?  If he truly is 20 years old, it could mean he's almost reached his potential, and who knows what his ceiling will be at the NHL level.  Not to mention the Russian risk.. 

"Earlier this week, Damian Cox of the Toronto Star tweeted that he had spoken with an unnamed Western Conference general manager about why Mikhail Grigorenko's draft stock was dropping so precipitously over the last few weeks, and found out it's a question of age.

"I think he's 20, not 18," the GM reportedly told Cox.

Well, that's not exactly a new revelation. Apparently, people have been aware of this rumor for some time. If it's true, it's a big deal. Think of how much better a 20-year-old would fare in the CHL than someone who had barely turned 18. Think about how much that would help his draft stock."