Missing persons!

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    Re: Missing persons!

    Another rapture???? Do they schedule one of these things every couple of months now?
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    Re: Missing persons!

    We know who they are, its been NO surprise all season really.  And there are a few more of them who are now posting as supporters that just didnt see things a certain way.  Yeah, sure.  It is what it is though, and you cant change it.  This isnt a clubhouse where we can revoke memberships (although we should be able to in some cases).  Theyll be back, claiming whatever bullsh*t reason the others did.  I really dont care though, because its never been about them.  I put the trolls on ignore instantly.  No need to read their crap.  Others will stick up for them and congratulate them on being a man and seeing the light now.  Not me, theyll remain on ignore.

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    Re: Missing persons!

    i quit posting cause lost my computer never missed a game i didnt have to though ty phil for the computer acess today ty tt n the b's for letting me watch my cousin win a cup go bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!