But a comparison of the 64 games played on the first eight days of the new season with a similar number of games in 2011-12 shows fewer differences than some people might think.

Through the first week of the season (64 games), there was an average of 5.66 non-shootout goals scored. That's barely above the 5.63 per game scored during the same span in 2011-12. Don't be surprised if that average goes down as the season progresses. The 2011-12 season ended with an average of just 5.32 goals per game. "

Through the 64 games played thus far this season, teams have scored 120 power-play goals, a big jump from the 84 scored in the same number of games in '11-12. But the number of power plays is also way up -- this season's first 64 games have generated 583 opportunities, up from 506 last season. In the early stages of 2011-12, teams scored on 16.6 percent of their power-play chances (that figure went up to 17.3 percent by season's end). This season, it's 20.6 percent -- a figure that hasn't been reached for a full season since 1989-90 (20.8 percent).

This season's first 64 games have seen an average of just more than 30 penalty minutes. That's not an enormous number by some historic standards -- 20 years ago, the average was 45.3 minutes. But it's a big jump from last season, when the 1,230 games saw an average of just 22.4 penalty minutes. "


Interesting as I only would have predicted the Penalties. If they had put a blowout totals being up, GAA being up and SVPCT way down.  I probably would have said that hasn't surprised me.