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I still have faith in Kelly and Peverly IF they get somebody to play with. They need a banger who can shoot it. Their production is suffering due to the AHL talent they have been burdened with.  


Yep, again..........looks like this spot in the lineup will be a focus to upgrade for PC before the playoffs begin.



Lets hope the new signing is not the replacement don't see him contributing. As well I'd have to say bourque has been playing quality minutes I find it hard to label him the problem. Pevs and Kelly got their contracts and haven't given 100% since. Both had career years before their contract was up and got paid and have yet to perform. I said over and over that I thought we overpaid for them. And what do you know they haven't giving the bs the dynamic third line scoring unit we thought we were signing. Thank the sky that our top two lines are on fire otherwise we wouldn't be sitting on the top of the standings. Not a big krejci guy but he has shut me up this season he looks to be at his best as does Marchand and Horton every night these guys are putting it in the net. If our third line could chip in every once and a while we would be running over every team we played. Let's stop making excuses for Kelly and pev they need to start showing up. 


And now I'm a big fan of Krejci just because of this.