Morning News From Sweden: Soderberg SAGA

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    Morning News From Sweden: Soderberg SAGA

    Carl Soderberg has been stopped by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association from playing with the NHL club Boston this season.

    But Soderberg declines Three Crowns.

    - Carl Soderberg has declared himself or by the agent that he is not interested in playing in the World Cup, says Tre Kronor general manager Tommy Boustedt to


    Linkoping The forward Carl Soderberg will not play in the Three Crowns in the World Cup in the Globe.

    He has refused to coach Pär Mårts. And he has made it clear through the contract that has been developed for the transition to the Boston Bruins in the NHL.

    - Par (Mårts) talked to him last week and I've even seen the document which Carl has written and where it says that he does not want to play in the World Cup, says Tre Kronor general manager Tommy Boustedt.

    Söderberg's salary in the NHL

    According to the contract, that TSN received information, the Söderberg corresponding to 3.8 million in total to play the course this season with Boston.

    But it's the part of the contract which the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has stopped.

    - According to the Swedish competition rules as to the middle of May, you are registered, where they played even if the contract has expired, says Tommy Boustedt.

    - Our board must comply with the contest rules and the agreements with the NHL.

    Boustedt emphasizes:

    - This is not something that concerns only Carl Soderberg, but the entire system transitions and club affiliation. You can not change the club anyway.

    Not selected for Germany

    Carl Soderberg has not been selected for Tre Kronor internationals against Germany on 20 and 21 april.

    - No, he's not because he has said he does not want to play, says Boustedt.

    - He was in Malmö in the odds Hockey Games because he is a very talented hockey player. At that time, he was definitely Pär Mårts plans for the World Cup.

    Will Carl Soderberg banned from future games in the Tre Kronor if he goes over to Boston and NHL?

    - I can not speculate because it's a race issue, but definitely he breaks the rules.It's that simple, says Boustedt.

    Sad news for Carl Soderberg?

    - Of course it is, but at the same time our board has a responsibility to Swedish ice hockey because there's something called precedent. It can get all dams to crack unless rules are followed, says Boustedt.

    - Carl has a contract with the Boston spanning two seasons what I understand. It's not that he was prevented from playing in the NHL.

    - They have 29 other clubs to take into account that is not in favor of this kind. It's not that the NHL think Carl Soderberg to play there, but it's Boston.

    - Before the Board took this decision as Peter Forsberg had spoken with the NHL.

    Can Carl Soderberg again be considered for Three Crowns and the World Cup?

    - It is more a question for him to answer than for us. But right now he has declared that he would not play. There, he has signed up to. You can not take out a player who said that he does not want.

    Tommy Boustedt believe that the NHL is behind the Swedish Ice Hockey Association decision.

    - Sweden is in negotiations with the NHL on a new NHL contract and neither the NHL or we want the negotiations to fail. Sweden is outside North America, the largest supplier of players and they want to have a good cooperation with us and we also believe in cooperation, he said.

    - I suspect that Boston would like to proceed with this and we do not expect the matter been resolved, but we are awaiting what happens.

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    Re: Morning News From Sweden: Soderberg SAGA

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