Most Expensive Tickets Ever

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    Re: Most Expensive Tickets Ever

    In response to Canadianfan6's comment:

    I went to a Panther game once and they handed out an explanation of the rules.

    Explaining offsides, icing ect.

    Being from Canada I declined,

    People sitting around me had no clue and I was always explaing rules to people

    It would probably be the same for me if they opened a Jai alai league up here and Canada...

    I enjoyed Jai alai when I was in Florida a number of years ago...people also had to explain the rules to me too.


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    Re: Most Expensive Tickets Ever

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    The Panthers average losing anywhere between $12M-$14M a year according to Forbes, for the last 6 years. How much money the Panthers parent company is worth is irrelevant.

    If there isn't an announcement by the NHL that the Panthers are either moving to Quebec, Seattle or becoming a new franchise by the end of the 2015 season- I will come back and open a thread announcing you won the debate.

    Your lack of knowledge pertaining to the economics involved here is clear.

    Your lack of not being able to add the monumental losses each year with all the previous owners and current ownership group is denial (Forbes is clear, very clear on this subject). Showing me an article about how a few players were not developed in Florida did nothing to back up your assertion that hockey is alive in FLA.

    Its a loser franchise in an area that doesn't care about hockey. Talking out of both sides of your mouth again because your bored with pouncing all over BKBroiler.

    You've shown me NOTHING...again!