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My Final Thoughts

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    My Final Thoughts

     And that is the unsung hereoes who I am hoping make the difference in the game tonight for the Bs. Thornton, Campbell,  Paille, Kelly and yes seguin. A little more push from them and a lucky bounce we didnt get in games 1-2 and 5 gives me confidence. I mentioned to a freind today God only knows but that feeling its gonna be a 7 to 6 games still lingers in my mind. I dont know what it is but this game is by far not gonna be like all the games in vancouver. Toss a coin for the 7 runner up gets the 6. Im not nervous, Im calm and very proud of the Bs efforts in the 2011 playoffs.
    Go Bs, win this one for all the Fans that have been for here forever, including us of 50 yrs plus being your loyal fans.
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    Re: My Final Thoughts

    Get R Done!

    Go Bruins!!!!