For " a fistful of dollars"  and "for few dollars more" PC signed Tim Thomas.

Tim Thomas came to Boston "the rookie"  vet. Thomas played net "every which way but loose " and " any which you can. When a player came close to TT's net he acted like "the enforcer" or the 'bronco billy." Watching TT play net made me feel like I was walking a " tightrope"  with "sudden impact". Thomas and "kelly's heroes" won the cup after 39 years. Tim's political values put him in "the line of fire".

It is a " true crime " that Thomas is leaving Bruins nation like a "high plains drifter"  with "two mules and sister sara", a "pink Cadillac" and a " grand torino".

Now the Boston fans want to " hangem high" because he is the
" unforgiven".
Thomas is he the "coogans bluff " or is he the "play misty for me'. Now Thomas go " paint your wagon "  leaving Boston as " the good, the bad and the ugly".

As you can read that I am a Clint Easatwood fan.