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My prayers have been answered!

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    Re: My prayers have been answered!

    Hey NOT-A- SHOT how many NHL dressing rooms have you been a part of?.I know that I haven't been in any myself,so your arrogant comments about Thornton fall on deaf ears.
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    Re: My prayers have been answered!

    In Response to Re: My prayers have been answered!:
    All you see and all you can report on is what you see on the ice.  What happens behind closed doors you have no clue.  You don't know what role he fullfills.  You don't know why teams keep him on board.   Unless you are a coach or player on the team you have no real idea. You are guessing.  You have posted over 5000 times in a year and a half?  Wow.  You have a lot to say.  I kind of skim read you though because it is the same type of drivel repeated over and over.  Smarter people than you decided to play him for some reason.  Seems to have worked.  We are in the third round.  You can't say that we would have gotten here without him.  What you can say is that he played some type of role in getting this team somewhere they haven't been for a long time.  What role?  Only the people in the room know. Not you. So lay off already.
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    well said.
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    Re: My prayers have been answered!

    I kinda take a different approach to this. Certain match-ups and circumstances lead the coaches to make the decisions they do. Did it make sense to start a veteran in Thornton against Montreal to start a playoffs? Sure it did - we're talking 4th line and limited minutes anyway, so you go with experience in those cases. Plus, Julien had other "unknowns" to deal with - what would the new guys Kelly and Peverly give you? How will the rookie Marchand handle things? What about Horton and Campbell with their lack of playoff experience? At some point, the coach needs to be able to count on something, and he knew exactly what he was getting in Thornton and had no idea what Seguin would deliver.

    After that initial decision is made, did Thornton play well with the minutes he was given? Sure did. Not amazing, but he was part of a solid 4th line and did not make any mistakes.

    Playing your vets also settles down the other red flag areas Julien was dealing with - by showing consistency, he sends the message to the other guys who were struggling to keep working, don't look over your shoulder and all will be fine. I think playing Thornton indirectly had a positive effect on say, Kaberle and Horton, who have shown the tendency to "grip their sticks too tight" here and there.

    When you approach the situation rationally, I have no problem with any of these moves. Last night, for me, said more about Seguin than his first 2 games. It was Bruins hockey last night - circle the wagons and don't make mistakes. Pure Julien system hockey. The fact that Seguin responded positively in all three zones says to me that this kid gets it.
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    Re: My prayers have been answered!

    NAS is a one trick pony. just as don cherry's "thing" is the outlandish sportscoat, NAS has his "skating clown thing". it's his identity. for some reason he thinks it's clever, or original. i think it's getting a bit old. funny, i thought the bruins winning a cup would answer his prayers. a bit obsessive i'd say.