My Season Tickets Raised 25%

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    Re: My Season Tickets Raised 25%

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    Re: My Season Tickets Raised 25%

    Renovation is cheaper than building a new arena, I think that's a simple thing to figure out. Renovating the garden would have made it what Fenway is right now, a renovated dump. The ice was also not regulation size.

    Cheaper to build in Boston vs. Foxboro? Are you serious? Permitting, land, construction costs, etc. are all more expensive in Boston than Foxboro. Foxboro also has less games. The actual investment by Kraft vs. Jacobs was not that far off.

    Henry is a hedge fund guy. Kraft was a packaging guy. What's your point? Gretzky is a hockey guy and he's doing so well.

    Everytime you make your argument you start to compare to other sports. Why I ask. Why not compare them to the Leafs or Montreal, a lot better comparisons that would fly in the face of everything you argue about. Montreal and the Leafs are both larger hockey markets than the Bruins and have been mismanaged.

    You've been there once, I don't really buy your assessment of the arena. Is it great, no, but does it have a "convention center" feel, I don't see how you'd say that. Most of the luxury boxes are empty too given the poor economy and the fact that state employees and other people can't accept the ticket as a gift.

    No one loves Jacobs here, I'd hazard to say that no one likes him here. All I care about is that he spends to the cap and has a good management in place to make the team succeed. He has done that.

    Your main complaint is PC and CJ. We understand that. Also understand that most people think you are wrong.

    Do I want him to win a Cup, absolutely. Do I think that hockey is a different sport where you can't just buy a championship, absolutely.

    You can circumvent the cap in every sport but hockey. That's how teams are so successful in other sports (guaranteed contracts in football - don't see Kraft doing that like Snyder does in Washington, luxury tax in the Red Sox - who spent in the offseason because ratings and ticket scalping revenues were down). 

    I understand you want a cup and you think the Bruins and Jacobs are losers. Understand that we all think you are overly critical and demanding a Cup before the season is over is stupid. 

    Wait and see, then you can say "it's about time" and go back to your Mark Sanchez obsession. 

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    Re: My Season Tickets Raised 25%

    1. I did not say it was cheaper to build in Boston. Hence, why I put the word "arena" in parantheses.  I love how when some of you challenge a very logical statement, you pretend I didn't specify the point.

    2. Renovation is actually more expensive for an older facility like Fenway is.  Building it over would have been much more affordable for the long term, hence why other possibly owners were trying to see if Boston would work with them.

    Fenway Park is gorgeous and probably the best fan experience in sports. Cramped seats for fat people and narrow aisles? Sure.  Major homefield advantage? Absolutely.

    I don't fault Jacobs for not renovating, but for going cheap on the new design. It's like every new building in the league.  The balcony seats are useless.

    That's not a huge issue with me, but more of a reflection of what Jacobs doesn't get as a non-hockey person. 

    Every owner in Boston legitimately cares about winning besides Jacobs. He had 25+ years to prove me wrong, and it just didn't come to be.  You can't deny it.

    He spends to the cap, because he spearheaded the lock out and now has the control needed to say "I spend to the cap". This is why my premise about Chia and Julien being cheap hires and them having a potential negative effect on trying to win is relevant.

    It all matters. Owner--- />GM--->Coach.  All have to be top notch.

    3. I don't have a Sanchez "obsession"  I like to remind obnoxious Jets dorks that their team has won absolutley squat for 40 years and they think this person in my avatar is leading them to a SB title.

    At least I have a sense of humor.
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    Re: My Season Tickets Raised 25%

    1) Ok, stadium, arena. They both invested around the same amount of money, minus the money that was given to Kraft from the state and NFL.

    2) There is no way renovation is cheaper than building a new arena, it's just a fact. Building from scratch involves much more. The basics of steel costs, cement costs, design costs, land procurement, etc, etc, etc, tell you that.

    Fenway park is not a "great fan experience". It's a dump that has some nostalgia, that's it. I've enjoyed the fan experience at every other park I've been to in the country other than Fenway. Baltimore and San Francisco, and even Anaheim and the new Mets stadium blow it out of the water.

    2b) Sit in the balcony and love my seats (have good eyes I guess).

    True, Jacobs is not hell bent on winning a title every year like Grossbeck or Kraft but since the lockout he has put all the money in making a good team with the chance of winning a cup. Building that type of team is what I've wanted. My love for the Bruins outweighs my hate of Jacobs and I respect that he spends to the cap every year, I don't really care if my owner is a fan. As long as spends to the cap on players and I think the management is solid (our main disagreement), I don't fault him for making money on overpriced beers and hot dogs.

    The coach won coach of the year, a poor coach doesn't do that. Chia has a good track record as a GM, Burke's in Toronto has been really poor and he's been better than plenty of other GMs you think are better. Agree to disagree on this point as maybe your Jacobs hate clouds your assessment (maybe my Bruins love clouds mine, who knows).

    3) I'll give you the sense of humor, I just find it Sanchez in a half shirt throwing a peace we'll say. 

    We agree to disagree. I enjoy a good argument (and a couple digs here in there but I usually keep it civil).

    Have a good weekend. 
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    Re: My Season Tickets Raised 25%