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My thoughts on NHL Officiating - for what it's worth

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    My thoughts on NHL Officiating - for what it's worth

    I have noticed that officiating this year has been very inconsistent at best and mediocre most nights.

    I don't think it's the skill of the officials, per se, but with all the rules around head shots, interference calls e.g when you skate some one off after the puck has been dumped in, or you finish your check etc. it seems to me that calls are going strictly by the letter of the book with little or no judgement calls on the part of the officials; to the detriment of the game. 

    I think there was a lot more subjectivity in the past and officials tended to let the game go more depending on the flow of the game, but it now it seems that the game gets bogged down on numerious calls regardless.

    If a guy finishes his check near the boards with any force at all, it's boarding.  If you impede a player in any way, it's interference, if you accidently get your stick caught in the other players equipment, it's hooking, if the guy steps on your stick they call tripping.  Although not related, I can't stand seeing a player fake it to make it look like they got high-sticked.  I've lost track of how many high-sticking calls have been made this year simply on the reaction of a player.

    If the calls are going against a team early on, the officials try and balance it somewhat later in the game with boardline calls.

    It's become a game where you see less and less 5-on-5 hockey.  Overall I think it's more boring.

    I've been watching hockey for over 40 years and it just seems worse to me then ever before.

    What do you folks think?
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    Re: My thoughts on NHL Officiating - for what it's worth

    I am noticing more and more interference away from the puck lately.