You make intelligent posts and seem very educated in regard to the sport of hockey. But I'll be honest, you are very narrow on some topics and perspectives. I don't write on this forum often at all. Despite that fact, I read the blog on most days and feel as if you are far to narrow in judgment to be a truly successful writer. Don't go around as the policeman to the board saying things like, "do we really need another thread for this?" When I read comments like that, all I do is shake my head and acknowledge the fact that you are actually just trying to stroke your own ego by displaying an intellectual superiority. Just write your opinions and go on with it. You call out red sox fans as if they come from a seperate city than boston. I don't know where you come from Nas, but you should know that probably 85% of bruins fan also follow the Sox to some degree. Albeit, baseball has gotten quite boring recently and the game is fading away from the quality it used to attain to. The point of mine is not to defend baseball however (as I have not followed the sox that much at all this year either!). Instead, I'm just letting you know that I believe your inability to be open to other perspectives such as that of the baseball fan can be harmful to your own talent. If you truly want to be a successful writer, listen more, have some integrity, and don't go around trying to squash threads just for the sake of showing your own intellectual authority. This isn't an attack, this is just me observing.

Oh and as for a couple of disclaimers:

1. I would guess that there is a large percentage of posters on here that are not from the Boston area. There are probably a lot that are from Boston as well. So in response to my post, just do us both a favor, and do not waste time on telling me "the real percentage of bruins fans that follow the red sox and blah blah blah." I see the people of Boston every day and I know what they follow. So just because your from Canada and you only follow the Bruins, don't consider yourself the prototypical Boston Bruins fan.

2. I fully await the sarcastic response(s) to this post, as I am sure that many of you will jump to the defense of Nas. You should know that all I am doing here is observing and giving my opinion on the board's most well known writer. I just think it serves no point to squash threads and display one's own arrogance from behind a computer monitor. 

3. I am not a red sox homer. I think that the front office has turned into the essence of a Ponzi scheme, and I as a result, do not follow the sox as much as I used to. I am and always will be a Bruins fan first.