Neal - Lucic Chara = Ference

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    Neal - Lucic Chara = Ference

    Neal did not want to tangle with Chara or Looch but did with Ference. Neal did over power Ference but I just love when Ference goes in tries his best, Andrew and McQuiad are my 2 fav. d men both are fearless.

    Good thing PC pick up some d help where would the bruins be now with Boys injury.

    Corvo please CJ sit him for the play-offs: lets see this d men line up. Pair up Zanon and Mottau for the next two gms. to get them geling.

    Chara Sieds
    Ference McQuaid
    Zanon Mottau unless Boys is back but that knee twist did not look good
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    Re: Neal - Lucic Chara = Ference

    Why'd they all want a slice of Neal ? Seems like a clean player overall...

    Ya, props to Ference giving up 5 inches and 40+ lbs. He battled admirably.

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    Re: Neal - Lucic Chara = Ference

    From what I saw it seems like it was something he said that pissed off the Bruins.. when Lucic was going at him by the bench. If not that it could be in retaliation to the Penguins going after Chara hard last time these two played. Maybe the Bruins picked Neal.

    I personally can't be upset with Neal not fighting Lucic or Chara. It would make absolutely no sense for him to do so. He's not a fighter and they are two of the bests in the league. Neal scores 40 goals and is a first liner, he shouldn't be fighting anyone with 2 games left in the season.

    He didn't even want to fight Ference but Ference instigated it and he opted not to take the Kaleta route out and turtle. Rocked Ference pretty good in that fight. Good for him.