NEHJ: 10-1

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    Thornton is doing his P.R. job better than ever. Too bad Chiarelli can't file his salary outside the CAP as Thorny keeps the Bruins in the sports talk medium during a very hot summer.
    Posted by bogie6


    I'll be the stickler here. Caron will make the team out of camp. Knight will see between 5-7 NHL games and score 1g and 2a but be a net negative. Spooner will see little time during the course of the season 2-3gms but will look great in his end of year call up when he gets some top1-2 line play.

    Caron on the other hand will pot between 15-20 and 20ish assists. Be very solid on the PK and contribute good net front/corner presence and become a great asset on that 3rd line and most of his naysayers on here will be quite come trade deadline.

    No comment on Hamilton I cant predict how a 6'6 19year old will do in the NHL but I dont think he'll rank in the b's top4 at all this year.
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    Re: NEHJ: 10-1

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    Posted by shuperman

    Hey Shupe, he said scoring, not Charging....
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    "Projection: No. 1 or 2 NHL defenseman and cornerstone D. We hesitate to use the “franchise” word with him just yet, but Hamilton..."

    Cornerstone is pretty much the same, Kirk.

    The more I read from this guy, the less I like him.  His Bartkowski breakdown showed that he's not afraid to completely make things up to fill space and now I read this:

    "Unfortunately, Subban’s mechanics are going to require some significant work, and he’s going to take a strong dose of time and patience before he’s ready for primetime.  Subban is a top-five prospect for the B’s because he becomes the first potential high-end goalie in Boston’s developmental system since Tuukka Rask joined the organization in 2006. However, the 18-year-old is no slam-dunk and his risk factor is higher than any other player on board."

    Subban is ranked #5 on the list.  Apparently that is because he was drafted highly and the B's haven't had a goalie to talk about in a while.  It's not because Kirk has watched him play many times and his skill set says XYZ, it's because there has has been poor goaltending in the minors for a while.

    That's no reason to rank someone in the Top 5.  Also, if a player need significant work on his mechanics, he's not a Top 5 guy.  Maybe after he does that work he is, but not now.

    "Chudinov gets the nod over Krug because his success has come against men, but the difference between the two is minimal, and Chudinov may not ever even come over to Boston when all is said and done."

    No, Kirk, Krug gets the nod over Chudinov because Krug is here.  A player who may never come to the US to skate isn't Top 10, he's 21-30.  Upon arrival, revise.

    "10. Zane Gothberg, G— Minnesota native’s presence in the top-10 ahead of other goalies like Hutchinson and Svedberg might raise eyebrows, but for the USHL Goaltender of the Year, it’s all about long-term upside. The 2010 sixth-round selection is focused and driven, and has been a model of consistency in two USHL seasons with the Fargo Force. He’s coming off a franchise-record season that saw him recognized as a co-winner of that league’s trophy for best goalie. Now, the former Frank Brimsek Award winner as the top puck-stopper in Minnesota high school will take his impressive and evolving game to the University of North Dakota. Gothberg is the stereotypical quirky goalie, but he’s also a respected teammate who puts in the work and keeps himself and the rest of the club grounded.

    Projection: Solid NHL starter, quality backup"


    Find me something in that description that couldn't be written/made up by looking at a stat sheet.