there is more to scoring goals then CJ,s fav "net front presence".....all in zone offense is game planned to come from the points with screens & rebounds producing the goals.....all this does is put Mtl. in the shot blocking lanes & Price with the worry of just controling the rebounds....1 example of this was on the PP Krecji deadset on getting the puck to Kaberle with the Mtl defender over playing him.....Krecji had no want or desire to split the box & turn it up to goal when there was a perfect lane to do so....the imagination of offense is nill when setting up in the zone or on the PP.....another example was of Lucic just wanting to pass it back to the point where 3-4 times there was a Mtl defender right there....Net front presence is good but com,on theres alot more talent here then having the only of option of getting it to the points & jammin the net