The Bruin power plays, as like all others, is started and generated mostly from the points and the half walls.

Under this system, the defenders can set up a box and face the shooters. In cases where there is a blocked shot or intercepted pass, the defenders can quickly move forward, since they are facing that way, and attempt a break or clear easily since they are on their forehand.

Why not get the defenders turned the other way, facing their goal. Generate the power play from the corners and behind the net.

This will draw out whichever defenseman who's side they are on. The forwards will be facing goal - the power play points can move in without being noticed.

Play the puck down low, get the defenders facing their net. If they intercept a pass it will be more difficult for them to clear, and breakouts will be alleviated because the defenders must first turn and then go.

The defenders in this situation, often times will intercept and be forced on the backhand - this is ideal. Backhanded clearouts are not easily done. Lots of opportunities can result.