New Third Line

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    Re: New Third Line

    i agree's gravy at this point, the lived just fine w/o it all season.  if it does start to click out 
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    Re: New Third Line

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: New Third Line : You know what he means.  Tell me this isn't a post you could level at 90% of the content on this board: "Someone tell Neely that he should fire PC and hire this guy!  He clearly knows so much more that the GM!" To be clear, I'm not here to pick sides, but this is starting to go Freddy Krueger: there's NAS and then there's the Dark NAS who feeds on fear and evil thoughts, and is largely given power by said evil thoughts.  Regular NAS may not be an angel, but who is? Or, more simply, a big chunk of the "NAS" that some people react to is itself a reaction to people singling him out. 
    Posted by Bookboy007[/QUOTE]

    OMG LOL.

    Too funny, Dark ? Fear and Evil ? Freddy Krueger ?
    This board cracks me up.  This is why I keep coming back. 
    NAS now has celebrity status .
    What's next ? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ?