Next years Jrs.

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    Next years Jrs.

    CBC is reporting that the 270,000 tickets are sold out for this event and that upwards of a millioin tickets could have been sold. I know a lot of posters on here couldn't care less, but the bruins have a lot of Canadian fans so I thought I would throw this in there. I figure most Canadians will get over our collapse this year in about 20 to 30 years so I guess it's not that bad LOL.
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    Re: Next years Jrs.

    Add to that that the tickets were sold as package deals - 10 games for $1200! and that probably isn't for the best seat in the house.  So you probably get a few Canada/Russia/Sweden/US games, but you know you're paying $120 for Kazakhstan-Ukraine or Germany-Italy on a couple of nights.