"but the trade came less than a week after Holmgren reportedly told van Riemsdyk's agent "not to worry" about a pending trade, and that can't look especially good to players. Let's not forget, Claude Giroux's contract is up in 2014, and Holmgren will likely be eager to extend him before that point, and shouldn't all this give Giroux more than a bit of pause?"

"the lesson here is that if Paul Holmgren gives you a lot of money and calls you an integral part of your team, you might want to call a moving company."

I don't think this slow down or stop players from signing with Philly but sure does shed some more light in communcations between player agents and some GMs.

"Boston Bruins: Winners, if only for the troll factor. Taking Malcolm Subban with their first-round pick is a great way to annoy both Habs fans and Bruins fans who hate his brother. Great pick that really helps to shore up the one real organizational weakness they had. Also, Tim Thomas said he'd waive his no-movement clause, so that's another step in the right direction."

"Boston Bruins—D-plus Without a second-round pick, the selection of a goaltender—albeit a promising one in Malcolm Subban—in the first round means there is little chance Boston will see this draft bear much fruit for a long time. Third-rounder Matthew Grzelcyk is undersized and was not a big point producer on the blue line in the USHL.

"CENTRAL SCOUTING'S TAKE: Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban's younger borther. Says Central Scouting's Al Jensen: "I see Malcolm as Carey Price. He's calm and poised. I find [Marc-Andre] Fleury as more of an acrobatic goalie and getting out there, but Malcolm is very good with his positioning, with outstanding lateral ability and quickness. He can make a big save to turn a game around, but he covers post-to-post so well with his butterfly. His leg extension is incredible and he has a very quick glove hand."

Different takes from different folks on how they saw, how the Bruins did in the 2012 draft. I for one am not disappointed. Good article all the way around.