NHL TV contract

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    NHL TV contract

    As a hold over conversation until the b's really start playing hockey again next thursday:  who are you hoping gets the next NHL TV contract?  Should it be Versus again, or is the NHL better off on an ESPN which could gain more casual watchers?  Or if they go on ESPN does the NHL run the risk of being played on ESPN the ocho and ESPN news while women's basketball takes center stage on ESPN and ESPN2? 

    I think versus has really stepped up their game recently, and it's nice to have the pseudo hockey sports center show on every night now, unfortunately it's way to late to even watch, but if they played that at 9:30 every night I would religiously watch.

    After watching frozen 4 thursday, it reminded me that Gary T is one of the best play by play puck guys around, he brings an awesome enthusiasm!

    So what do you guys think?  ESPN, Fox, NBC/Versus, Comcast, Turner, who's best for the NHL and it's fans?  Which will help continue to grow the popularity of the sport?  Despite the early complaints, Versus has been at the healm during hockeys growth spurt recently.

    Here is a pretty good round up of the suitors for the next tv contract, http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2011/3/8/2035983/nhl-television-contract-negotiation-espn-versus
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    Re: NHL TV contract

    Turner has been really aggressive over the past few years they've landed Sunday morning MLB and playoff games plus now they have NCAA tournament games now as well so look for them to be real aggressive.

    Odd sounding will be "we've got bonus NHL playoff on TNT" could be...
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    Re: NHL TV contract

    I doubt with the NBA going into the playoffs at the same time that Turner would make a push for hockey. 
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    Re: NHL TV contract

    I would really like for ESPN to make a major play for the NHL, as they would be best for marketing and getting hockey numbers back up to where they should be.  Only problem is, I don't see ESPN commiting fully to hockey, and NHL taking a back seat to hoops.  It would be best case scenario if ESPN really put some marketing and effort behind hockey again, showcase it on Sports Center in the winter etc, but that's a long shot I think.

    Would really like to see a split like NBA, keep Versus since you have more control with them, but also use a TNT or ESPN to split some weekday games, NBC keeps weekends.
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    Re: NHL TV contract

    Before the NHL was on ESPN2 in 1993, NHL marketing was a big deal to us fans.  Now, with the amount of out of town games available on (insert whichever channel gets the contract) along with the NHL network and everything online, I don't know what benefet there is to having more fans, or to having them grow their fanbase.  Between home team games and (contracted channel) games, there is a game on almost every night.  Even if the NHL's fanbase was to double overnight, would there be a difference?

    All I want is for them to get rid of Engblom and the (man's reproductive part) in between the glass during games.