no reason to panic?

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    no reason to panic?

    Early in the season we do not panic.

    The Bruins are in playoff spot.

    Savard is back give savy time to gel.

    Sturm will go LA when medical test pass making more cap space for this season future concern. 

    Can not win every game.

    Thomas is on fire.

    My only concern about the team is attitude to play 60 mins. of hockey from the whole roster, practice the transistion to get out of d zone, we need to continue pressing on with the fore check and cut down on shots against us.

    MY big question is the team sick of playing the CJ stlye hockey ?

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    Re: no reason to panic?

    There is no doubt that this team has tuned out Claude Julien. He actually lost this team last year, that's when they started underestimating opponents and stopped playing hard for 60 minutes. He should have been fired after the B's monumental collapse. Instead it's the same old song and dance with the Wade Phillips of hockey, and it's only going to keep happening 2 good games and then the typical "NO-SHOW."
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    Re: no reason to panic?

    Are they sick of playing CJ hockey? Probably.

    Can they win without it? No. Not yet.

    When Tyler Seguin becomes a consistent scoring threat - that is when all the pieces will fall into place - and watch out. If figure sometime early in the new year Tyler will start feel very comfortable.