No Reason Why

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    No Reason Why

    If you watched the Flyers simply implode this afternoon, there is NO REASON why this can't be a done deal to move on. EVERYONE in the media has stated how much more talented the Flyers are. OK, so they put a man on Krejki & Lucic; that leaves Marchmend, Horton, Recci, etc. The B's got some diggers this season- they proved that against Montreal.  The Flyers fooled no one today. How any team wins with a different goaltender is beyond me. Two glowing things, though- NO POWER PLAY GOALS-AGAIN; you can't live like this; Overconfidence- we all know that even a three game/three goal lead isn't safe. You gotta keep pounding these guys- keep your foot on the pedal. The Flyers suck & you know it.
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    Re: No Reason Why

    They do suck. They wish they had a player like Marchmend!