no smoke without fire coming transaction

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    Re: no smoke without fire coming transaction

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    Rask is young and appears to be set to be an above aveage goaltender for at least the next seven or eight years.

    Subban will either get moved or ride the pine...if he's even good enough to make it in the NHL.  In the off chance he's better than Rask, Rask would be traded or let go, but that's many, many years off.

    If Subban can be traded to return the final piece of a Cup team, see ya later.


    Well said Nas, the B's seem to be set in net so if they can get Iginla or someone of that ilk and it takes adding Subban i say do it.The Bruins are in a window right now to win another championship or two, who knows what the team will be like when Subban makes it, if he does at all.