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    Campbell didnt rule on thise for those of you who think he did.  His son PLAYS for the Bruins, he has NOTHING to do with ANY discipline towards the Bruins due to a conflict of interests.
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    In Response to Re: NO SUSPENSION FOR CHARA:
    A great unexpected correct ruling by Mr. Campbell.
    Posted by tukka_fall

    Colin Campbell does not rule on disciplinary matters involving the Bruins since Greg signed (at least not officially anyway).
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    I saw the play over and over and over again.  I think that Chara deserved a two-game suspension and I am a huge fan.  In fact, I just bought a #33 shirt for my son.

    Bad place to make the hit and although he has been known as a clean player, it looked like (from the replays) that he knew where he was on the ice and what he was doing. I don't think that he was trying to hurt him, but he was trying to hit him near the bench/glass area.

    I am glad that he wasn't suspended, but I thought that he deserved the two games.

    Question, if Hal Gill had that same hit on David Krejci, would we still feel that the hit didn't deserve a suspension?  I think not.

    I hope Max makes a full recovery and that we kick their A** on 03/24 and in the playoffs. GO BRUINS!
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    I'm (pleasantly) surprised at the ruling.  I expected 2 or 3 games.  It was a late hit & interference, but to suggest that Chara knew what he was doing in steering  Pacioretti into the stansion is nonsense.  If you've played the game at all, you'd realize it's a game of speed & instinct.  To thing that Chara had enough time to evaluate Pacioretti's proximity to the glass/stansion is a stretch.  
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    In Response to Re: NO SUSPENSION FOR CHARA:
    I thought Murphy did a great job explaining why there should be no suspension, and although the hit (and the result) were brutal, Chara really didn't do anything wrong except interfere with the guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Montreal fans will complain about how Chara should at least be responsible for where he makes hits on the ice (i.e. - in a dangerous area), but by the same merit, Pacioretty shouldn't have tried to squeeze through that opening with the stantion so close.  Quick play, bad judgment, but a good non-suspension for Chara.
    Posted by BruinsGM24

    Of course Pacioretty tried to squeeze through! He's a competitor and a chance for an odd man rush outweighed the risk. And of course Chara tried at all cost to stop him, for the same reasons. Isn't it time for a scientific evaluation of the existing stanchion layout to determine a safer system through some re-engineering or change in materials to deflect or reduce the forces of impacts there?
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    Surprised there wasn't at least 1 game suspension. What bothers me is how many times Chara has the opportunity to legally wedge players into the boards no where near the center ice area and he elects to back off. To choose that time and place last night seemed wierd. Best wishes to Max -- Glad to see most B's fans on this site wishing Max well. We have all seen too many of our guys down for the count and it's not pretty. One thing for sure -- If that was Lucic laying there from a Hab check -- the crowd would be celebrating like they won the Cup.
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    In Response to Re: NO SUSPENSION FOR CHARA:
    In Response to Re: NO SUSPENSION FOR CHARA : My tickets for the 24th just tripled in value. Kidding aside ,  if the ruling in the game was a 5min major he should've gotten at least 1 game.  This league is cracked. Are they admitting it was the wrong call on the ice ?
    Posted by BsLegion

    I might go by myself and sell the ticket to the seat beside me. Leave the woman at home. hmmm decisions decisions.
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    Honestly, I am stunned the NHL made an accurate statement and judgement following this unfortunate play.

    There was no sign of intent even though the Globe's front page photo in still frame tried to show intent with Chara's arm following through on a check.

    We know that he did not extend his arm or hit him in the head, nor did he ride him through the turnbuckle.   He was bumped and tried to quickly slip inside, but he apparently didn't see the turnbuckle.

    It happens.

    I think moving forward, this is probably a good time to address the stansions in arenas, similarly to how NASCAR has with barriers, especially at the turnbuckle spot.

    Just experiment with some styrofoam or padding that can help lessen the blow, because we all know 3 things happen with plays like this:

    1. The attacking player stops short and chips the puck in or tries to go around the defender using the boards as a wedge.

    2.  Absorbs the hit and tries to pulll up.

    3.  Tries to do what Paicretty did and unfortunately got caught at the right time by a very lage man skating very rapidly in the same area, at an angle, that made this worse than it should have been.

    But, nice to see a Bruins player get a logical judgement in his favor for once.

    I am still annoyed by Aaron Ward and Marc Savard being coldcocked from the blind side with an elbow, leading to concussions, when the puck wasn't near them.