No worries !

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    No worries !

    This was the litmus test month for the Bruins. April will be better. At least PC almost got Iggy. I think the Bruins need a d man that will not cost much in return Boumesster will be to high of a return. The Bruins already have Chara, Sieds, Ference, Hamilton, Boys is back and Johnson/Bartowski. Bergeron from TB can be an easy pick up and is good offence (pp) asset but the d asset is week. Chara and Bergeron, Sieds and Hamilton, Ference and Boys, with Bart. and Johnson.

    Not sure about the broken foot statis with Kelly, but Robreiro (sp) he is the center we need for the 3rd line. And if kelly makes it back for end of season/playoffs will be a bonus.

    Peverly Ribreiro and Kelly can be great playoff 3rd line. I know a lot of bruins will say i hate this player, but i can take him on my team for a playoff rental. He can help on the PP, is a pain for other opponent players, scores important goals and can help peverly get better scoring chances. Peverly Ribreiro and Caron can be a potential 3rd line untill notice on kelly's rehab. ( will need to use his size and strenght).

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    Re: No worries !


    This guy is your savior?