Not Concerned Here...

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    Not Concerned Here...

    The B's got shutout 5 times this past month, most in team history.  Scoring goals consistently has been a problem as of late.  The injury bug has put 3 regulars on the shelf.  I am not concerned and here is why...

    Still one of the best 5-5 teams in the league ...3rd in the league in GF/GA ratio--(Only St. L and Det are better)

    Second in goals per game.... (Only Phi. is ahead) despite recent stretch.

    Fourth in gaa per game.... (StL, Rang, and LA) ahead

    Power play is ok but could be better....(13 th in league)

    Penalty Kill is strong.... (7th in league)

    They are 3rd in shots per game (Only SJ/Pitt are better) but 12th in win percentage when outshooting others (which could mean a lot of things--running into hot goalies, bad breaks, not getting dirty goals, not having "snipers", many perimeter shots, etc...)

    They are 22nd in shots against but 2nd best in win percentage despite being outshot (which could mean a lot of things-- not good shot blockers, give up a lot of perimeter shots,  give up a lot of power plays, great goaltending, etc...)

    Beyond the shots against stat and an improved powerplay, this team is elite in pretty much every team based category.  The most telling ones are 5-5 play and goals against average, two essential ingredients to winning Stanley Cups.  No panic here whatsoever; they are in good shape unless they continue to get more injuries.
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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    That Frigg*en Power Play is NEVER there when they need it
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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    The counter to all of this, of course, is that all those near-top-of-league stats are heavily padded by December and November.

    I think if you want to decide how concerned to be, you need to figure out the difference between then and now.  They were destroying the opposition, and I can't believe Peverley and Horton make up for that difference.

    Is it complacency, after building a big lead?  Well, that lead is almost gone so if this is it, hopefully the complacency disappears as well.

    Are they on orders to take it easy to avoid injuries?  That hasn't worked.

    Have a whole bunch of little bad habits and slumps somehow combined to create this mess?  Could be, but that's an impressive amount of destructive interference.  If this is it, getting solid goaltending is probably the first step to fixing things.  Last night could be the start of that.
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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    My only concern is if they will be able to play the brand of hockey that won them the Cup last year.  I think the goals will come, but can they flip the switch and become a feared team from both a scoring and a physical perspective?  No guarantee that this would enable them to repeat, but they need to be feared to be successful.  No recent team they've played has seemed like they didn't want to be on the ice with the B's. That's not good.
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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    Both good points...  It would be interesting to see how their power play percentage ranks when they are down a goal, tied, or up by a goal.  It also seems like they are giving up untimely powerplay goals in similar situations. 

    I don't think it is matter of replacing the scoring of Horton and Peverley as much as it is the disruption of the lines this has caused.   Krejci clearly has not been as effective since Horton has gone down, and the combination of moving Kelly up to replace Horton and not having Peverley has ruined the third line altogether thus affecting the scoring balance they once had.   

    I think they can regain a third line advantage if Horton comes back even without Peverley.  Plus, hopefully Krejci will regain some form. 

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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    Hnail - playoff success will depend on defense and GOALTENDING, it always does.  Without Horton and/or a healthy Peverly, and despite picking up Rolston, goals are going to be hard to come by ... but they were last year too.  I don't know if Thomas can stand on his head like 2011 - I saw signs of if last night - but the Bruins will need him again if they are to repeat.  Let's face it, the Bs fought so, so hard against Montreal and Tampa, and then Thomas stoned the spineless Canucks (with three beatdowns in Boston).  I agree with you, there hasn't been the fear from other teams, recently, especially the Rangers and then Ottawa, last night ... I hope the Bs are ready to release some moxie in mid-March - I'd love to see them win two in a row and they can if they want to. 
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    Re: Not Concerned Here...

    If the PP was clicking last year, do you not think the path to the Cup would have been easier? I say yes
    Thomas HAD to stand on his head, cause the potential PP goal wasn't there. The only series in which the Bruins had a decent PP was the Philly series. Cause their goaltending sucked.
    My point is as many, the Bruins play tough disciplined hockey. Most of the time. If another team wants to challenge them and take so-so penalties, they won't be worried about a Bruins PP, cause all they need to do is cover the point.

    Time for changes. And having Chara in front of the net is not an option.

    Corvo was brought in to help the PP. Hasn't worked out (Rolston?) Time for him to step aside seeing we picked up some new talent and see what they got.