Numerous Issues

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    Numerous Issues

    1. Seguin , maybe we did lose this deal. The kid obviously will not play in the playoffs. Living in Canada I follow the Junior program over the holiday season. He got cut from the team his last year of Junior. He probably had to be very bad during camp to get cut as he would have gotten the benefit of the doubt based on his history. That is a major red flag in my books

    2. Trade Colbourne an a 1st for Kaberle., a player who has not been in the playoffs for 6 years and didnt seem to care. Biggest bust trade this year. There is no way he gets resigned.

    3 Second line players getting first line minutes (Lucic, Krejeic, Horton) pathetic in the playoffs

    4. Trades for guys who have never been in the playoffs ie Horton/Peverly

    5 Bye Bye CJ and PC
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    Re: Numerous Issues

    So you stand by being wrong?

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    Re: Numerous Issues

    And this is after a big win?
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    Re: Numerous Issues

    1. Seguin just turned 19.  Likely should have stayed in junior.
    2. Kaberle hasnt played well.  But at the time we needed someone to spark the PP.  I don't think Orr/Mario and 99 could spark this PP.  I believe it has a lot more to do with the system than the players.
    3. Who's the 2nd line.  Lucic/Horton/DK are a 1st line.  And they have been shut down by a good system.  Happens to the best(ala Crosby and Ovie last year against them).
    4. I was down on Horton but he is gonna be a steady 25 goal guy for us.  Peverly has speed and playof experience with Nashville.
    5. Agreed. But that will have to wait for a few months.
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    Re: Numerous Issues

    Seguin was 17 idjut.

    Corey Perry was drafted in 2003, cut from team Canada in 2004 (when 18) scored 113 pts in OHL season, was 13th frwd in 05, almost cut again(when 19), injury put him on line with Crosb and Berg for gold medal.  Since he has another Gold (Olympics), a Rocket trophy and should be MVP.

    Things don't look so bad for the rook Seg do they, he was too valuable to play 2 extra years in the minors.